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K+ate++'s S+tory

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Kate Lee

Spiritual Director. Yogi. Pastor.


Kate is an advocate for spiritual wellness and embodied healing. Her own journey through trauma, burnout and chronic illness have given her a heart for the human experience. She loves to hold a sacred space for body & soul; two facets of our created being that have largely been neglected within Western Christianity. 

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Kate’s life and ministry is shaped by Jesus’ teachings of abundant grace & radical acceptance and informed by her certifications in Spiritual Direction & Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She lives with her husband and daughter near Charleston, SC, and gratefully acknowledges the Kusso people and the enslaved Africans who once stewarded the land she calls home.

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K+ate's Credentials


Spiritual Direction Certification

  • Sustainable Faith Year 1: Trained by Dan Henry and Owen Brock. 2020-2021

  • Sustainable Faith Year 2: Trained by Dan Henry and Owen Brock. 2021-2022

Yoga Certifications

  • Vinyasa Yoga: Trained by Caroline Williams of The Yoga Abbey, 2020 (200h)

  • Yin Yoga: Trained by Misty Elliott of Christians Do Yoga, 2020 (50h)

  • Embodied Sequencing: Trained by Caroline Williams of The Yoga Abbey, 2021 (50h)

  • Restorative Yoga: Trained by Mary Richards & Lizzie Lasater, 2022 (40h)

  • Trauma Sensitive yoga: Trained by TCTSY, 2022 (300h)


Pastoral Credentials

  • Ordained by The National Association of Christian Ministers. 2021


  • ESDA & Grafted Life Ministries

  • Spiritual Directors International

  • Yoga Alliance

  • Christian Yoga Association


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